On Collecting Art

Most of us are fond of colorful paintings,photographs,sculptures in our homes on our walls and tables.We have admired a beautiful painting in a friend’s house or an art gallery.As a young professional you have saved up some money for an interesting piece of work.So,what are the guidelines when buying a painting.One of the most exciting parts of collecting art,as opposed to historical pieces,is discovering works by unknown and emerging artists since their reputations are fresh and developing.

Personal Taste

We must…


Pichwai’s of Nathdwara

Pichwai’s were made earlier using natural paints.created from coal,gold,silver,indigo,zinc,saffron and other minerals.But later on artists began to use a mix of natural and acrylic colors.A good Pichwai shows an expression of divinity on the deity’sface.The fine brush work,the beautiful and bright colours used all evoke a feeling of awe when we look at the work.

The beautiful artform originated about four hundred years ago.The world Pichwai derives from the Sanskrit words Pich meaning back and Wai meaning hanging.These are cloth paintings hung behind the…


We begin our blog by writing about famous Progressive artist MF Hussain.The artist became a legend in his own lifetime.Hussain started by painting billboards for hindi movies.That was what he had to do to earn his daily bread and butter but he continued with his creative work as well.The Progressive artists group started in 1947 along with artists like Hussain,Raza and FN Souza and a few other legends.

Hussain worked on many surfaces like paper,canvases,wood and even walls for museums,art…